Making important steps towards responsible Danube strategy for research and innovation

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Highly responsible and important goal of forming and implementing Responsible Danube Strategy for research and innovation, requires highly responsive and hard working group of experts and partners with different backgrounds to co-create first steps towards final goal.This has to be combined with clear Responsible Research and Innovation tools for adapting STIR method.

D-STIR (Danube Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation using Socio-Technical Integrating) Project Partners met for the second transnational meeting and steering committee meeting in Sarajevo. Bosnian partner Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency – SERDA hosted the meeting on 30 and 31 May 2017. All partners participated in the meeting, shared experiences, and made important steps towards deliverable of the Project – final Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Strategy and RRI tools for adapting STIR method.

Challenging, intense and extremely important project as D-STIR can be fully successful only with strong cooperation and communication of and among all partners. This was also strongly reflected in the secondtransnational meeting and steering committee meeting of the D-STIR Project held in Sarajevo. Project can be shaped in responsible way, “for, with and by society” and towards all objectives and results only when partners’ consortium is unified and shares group eagerness towards success.


The second transnational meeting was organized with group sessions, where all partners addressed context analysis of local and Danube level problems and challenges in the field of RRI. These were all important steps towards the final RRI strategy that will represent a common vision for improving institutional and infrastructural framework conditions for RRI. At this stage, inputs from stakeholders were already an important part of the first conclusions.


Partners’ consortium is also anticipating capacity building workshop that will be held in Szeged, Hungary in July 2017. This intensive workshop will contribute to the objective of “Building capacity of Danube Research and Innovation actors”. Workshop will be moderated and lead by STIR developer and external expert of the Hungarian partner First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association – FHRIA, prof. dr. Erik Fisher.


For more information about D-STIR project please visit:



Nina Irimia, South-East Development Agency, Romania

Leading Partner

24th Anghel Saligny St., 810118 Braila, Romania

e-mail:, telephone: +421 0239 611 086


Anamarija Kamin, Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, Slovenia

Coordinator of Communication Activities

Jerebova ulica 14, 1270 Litija, Slovenia

e-mail:, telephone: +386 1 896 27 17


List of partners in D-STIR project:

-                South-East Regional Development Agency, Romania

-                Cassovia Life Science, Slovakia

-                First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association, Hungary

-                ELI-HU Research and Development Non-profit LTD, Hungary

-                Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, Slovenia

-                Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Science, Czech Republic

-                Horia Hulubei National Institute for Research and Development in Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Romania

-                Bwcon GmbH, Germany

-                Country Government of Csongrad, Hungary

-                Central Bohemian Innovation Centre, Czech Republic

-                Development Agency Heart of Istria, Croatia

-                Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency, Bosnia and Herzegovina

-                Ilfov Country Council, Romania

-                Kosice Self Governing Region, Slovakia

-                Sarajevo Canton Planning Institute, Bosnia and Herzegovina












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