Dentix Millennium

Dentix Millenium

SC Dentix Millennium SRL was established to develop R&D projects in the field of dental implants, and to launch on the market new and improved osseointegration solutions. For this goal, our company work together with specialists from various fields as micro-mechanics, bio-chemistry, bio-phisics, microbiology and nanotechnology, looking for new surface treatments and to functionalize the dental implant surface.


SC Dentix Millennium SRL offers various dental implant systems from well-known producers from Switzerland and Israel.

SC Dentix Millennium SRL offers consultancy in oral implantology to doctors and clinics and take part in research groups working in the field of dental implantology.



Contact person:: Budei Dragos Vladimir – Administrator

Adress: 55, B-dul Unirii  Bl. E4A, sc.2, et.3, ap.32, 3 District, zip cod 030826 Bucharest, Romania

Phone: +4021.320.4504/+40722.681.866

Fax: +4021.436.7275

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